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Become one step closer to a minimalist lifestyle

Clarity is essential in life. It gives us space, makes us feel open to all the energy that surrounds our world and makes us ready to take new challenges. You will never find this clarity unless you declutter your life.

Yes! Decluttering is essential to living a healthy, long and peaceful life. Many experts separate the concept of decluttering from minimalism, but in my opinion, it’s similar. The concept of minimalism revolves around “less is more.” And by decluttering our lives, we become one step closer to living with the less.  

Decluttering happens when you refuse to throw the unwanted objects away. This unwanted list of objects might include, you high school sweater, your grand ma’s purse, you unfitted clothes or maybe few gifts from your childhood friends.  The main theory behind keeping clutter is the emotional attachment that people form with the unused items. We keep these objects in memory of important moments that occurred in our lives. 

Slowly this clutter starts to take a toll on our lives and we start to find ourselves helpless against the huge mess that we have created. More stuff requires extra management-time and effort. 

Eventually, all the clutter in your life starts to consume your time, effort and energy. Thus decluttering the unwanted stuff will help you control your life. It will be a liberating experience and will set you free for real. See the following tips to declutter your life.

Start with…

The first step towards decluttering starts with when?

Yes, ask yourself when was the last time that you used some particular item?

If the answer is two years, then it’s a sign that you need to let go of that item.

How long will it take?


It depends on you! Choose whatever method suits your personality.

Every week

Some people find it easy to declutter things, every week in sequence. You can dedicate one day every week to declutter your house.

Set goals and dedicate time

Set goals for yourself. For example, set goal that you will declutter two rooms in four days. Such goals will encourage you to set more goals for the future. 

One at a time 

This is a really good tip. Make a habit of getting rid of one or two items each day. Think about how many items will you get rid of at the end of the month? 


So use these simple tips to start decluttering your life and mind because you deserve to focus on better things in life. If you are searching on “write my essay”, on decluttering your life, then start from our tips to your assignment essay. 


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