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Physician-assisted suicide is one of the most critical issues faced by modern society. Although medical science has made great improvement and treatment of a number of diseases, which used to take the life of human beings, are now curable. Still, there are a number of medical conditions which are not curable at the moment. The people suffering from such diseases have to spend their lives in suffering, till their last breath. The medications can lessen their pains, but cannot treat them fully. Most of such patients have to spend their lives bedridden and dependent upon others for each and every task.


Physician-assisted suicide helps the patients who have reached the worst point of their health, and cannot become healthy again, to end their lives. It does not mean that a patient suffering from diabetes, who cannot get rid of the condition should get the right to end his life, instead of living with the condition. However, the person who has cancer or Parkinson's disease, who cannot be treated any further and have to spend the rest of the life in suffering can use the right of physician-assisted suicide.


Having a dignified death is the right of each and every human being. One of the worst sufferings of human beings apart from physical suffering is being dependent upon others. The patients who reach at such a stage of life, where their condition cannot be treated, suffer from not only physical but emotional pain. They have to show themselves strong and hopeful in front of their loved ones. Such people should be allowed to make the decision of ending their life, which is actually an end to their suffering. They should be allowed to transition to the other world in a less painful manner. So, physician-assisted suicide should be legalized to provide relief to such patients.

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